Colors to try: Pale Blue vs. Magenta 






Remember the ‘colors to try’ last time? (See the post HERE) Well, here is another post dealing with color blocking. I also started a special category for these kinds of outfit posts under ‘Fashion’ to present some interesting color combination to inspire you! They are also fun for me because it makes me think about what kinds of colors complement each other.

The color wheel is a good place to start if you are really stumped. Basically, if you look at a color wheel, complementary colors are those across from each other. And these colors tends to look aesthetically pleasing when placed together. However, Art & fashion is always about breaking the rules and coming up with fresh and creative ideas, so some stylist deliberately overthrow this by pairing for example, only cool-toned colors or colors that are beside each other on the wheel as opposed to across. I love experimenting with different colors -more so than textures-and I find inspirations all around me, from magazines to people to whatever catches my eyes on the streets. But the number one inspiration is simply from nature. Animals, plants, natural landscapes always have the most stunning colors!!

Today I actually paired 2 colors that are beside each other on the wheel. I did not want to go overboard with the magenta because it is a rather bright  and flamboyant color. I just wanted a touch of it on a light blue premise. It still gives the right degree of pop to be exuberant but not overflowing.

color wheel

Example of a color wheel

Where I got stuff:

Top: ZARA (currently available in store)

Denim pants: 8th + Main

Magenta Flats: ALDO shoes (last summer on Sale)



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Viv ❤

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