Lace, Leather, Suede


Playing with different textures to a simple OOTD




Welcome to the start of a new week. I want to talk about textures today because this is also something I like to play with when figuring out what I want to wear (aside from resorting to basics, see the last post here). Different clothing texture can bring out completely different vibe that’s appropriate for different settings. Let’s talk about some of the more popular summer textures. Chiffon for example can be casual and classy because it lacks elasticity and is usually sheer and loose-fitting. Lace is very elegant and feminine, which is why it’s perfect for a formal occasion or if you want to be dressier.  Leather or pleather is edgy and sultry. Suede gives off a bohemian and country vibe. The tip is that if you have a simple outfit with only one or two colors, instead of adding a statement item to balance out the minimalism, another option is to wear different textures. In my case, my top is chiffon and lace (score!!!), my skort is leather, the heels are suede and my hat is wool. The effect is subtle but it will make a difference to the entire outfit making it more interesting and balanced.

 Where I got stuff:

Top: ZARA (currently available)

Leather Skort: ZARA (2 years ago)

Heels: Winners (Material: suede)

Bag: Plenty


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Happy Monday. Thank you for reading!


Viv ❤

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