Skin Care Tip often overlooked


Find out a skin care routine you may have overlooked all these years.

Apologies for the small technical glitch last morning…My post was published and I hadn’t finished writing it. Anyways, let’s get on with the skin care tip of the day!

I believe that a woman’s shoulder and collar bone is one of the sexiest part of her body. That’s why wearing an off-the-shoulder or cold-shoulder top/dress can look so romantic and sexy without losing class. We often pay 100% of our attention on facial skincare but did you know that our neck is just as delicate as our face and can easily get wrinkles, lines and experience dryness and bumpiness? This is also something my mom taught me. She is in her 50’s but still got the skin of someone in their 30’s. One of her anti-aging tip is to treat my neck the same way I would treat my face. She said that many women her age can look young due to years of anti-aging practices, but they didn’t provide the same care to their neck so the wrinkles and lines may give away their age. Every time I wash my face, I would add an extra step dedicated to my neck and collar bone area. Neck care doesn’t take much, I always use drug store products for my neck, either a facial or a body lotion. The key is to keep the area clean and hydrated. 


Cleaning: Use the same cleanser as you would for your face or use your favourite shower gel. Mine is from DOVE

Exfoliator: Honey body Scrub from the face shop (once a week)

Lotion: any of your favourite body lotion will do. Doesn’t need to be an expensive brand. I really like the fragrance of the Moonlight Path set from Bath & Body Works. I use a non SPF lotion at night and an SPF-containing lotion from AVEENO for day time to protect my neck from UV (the biggest cause of wrinkles)

Lastly, the super important Massage: when applying lotion, use the back of both hand, gently massage the lotion into the neck in an quick and upward motion. 200 times in the morning and 200 time at night. Keep this up and you’ll notice the difference. Your neck will be soft, smooth and will prevent wrinkles, lines and signs of aging. The KEY is to be persistent and stick to a set routine just like you would for your face. 

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 Thank you for reading! 


Viv ❤

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