When Denim Meets Maxi








I am a big fan of maxi skirts and dresses! Reasons: first off maxi dresses are so comfortable and easy. You don’t need to think about top and bottom coordination, just toss on a maxi dress and you are good to go. Second, they hide my ‘food baby’ so I don’t have to constantly worry about sucking in XD. They are definitely a staple timeless piece that all gals should have in their closets. It could be an everyday casual wear, travel wear and also beach wear. For me, versatility is key because I’d rather spend my money on items I know I will get more out of than those  ‘trendy’ items that comes and goes. Denim is also a timeless piece. I think denim tops are a popular trend this season. It’s worth it to invest yourself in one because, you guessed it, it automatically creates a casual chic vibe with skirts or shorts, or skorts…

Where I got stuff: 

Top: Dynamite

Maxi skirt: Forever 21


Sandals: Swimco

Hat: Ralph Lauren

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Happy Sunday Thank you for visiting!


Viv ❤

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