The White Canvas










The number one color I always resort to in the summer is white! If there is one color you will never have enough of in your wardrobe, that would be white because it’s such a basic, versatile color that goes with literally everything! And I mean EVERYTHING! So I call this the white canvas because choosing an outfit is like painting a picture. White is the base color to your creativity. Build on top of the canvas and you will have an outfit or a masterpiece that reflects your particular style and taste.

Today I decided to go for an all white outfit because I feel that it is so elegant and pristine (like wearing a wedding dress)! It gives off the pure and angelical vibe. Of course, having an monochromatic outfit beckons for some color popping. And really, take this which ever direction you want: minimalism (black or grey bag and shoes) or vibrance (colorful bag shoes and other accessories). For me, I lean towards something bright and eye-catching like this octagonal red leather bag I recently purchased from Fossil. It’s girly and playful at the same time. It’s like a splash of red paint on top of my canvas. Now that’s what I call abstract ART! XD

Where I got stuff: 


Pants: Aritzia

Flats: Winners

Bag: Fossil

Hat: Ralph Lauren

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Viv ❤

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