Keepin’ it Midi


Talking about the length of skirt and the effects they can achieve!






Ok, let’s take the opportunity to talk about skirts because it’s a highly appropriate fashion topic for the summer. I recently found out that midi skirt is something that works for me. In the past, I thought I was only into maxis. So today’s OOTD inspired me to focus on the length of skirts and the different effects they achieve:

Above the knee/short skirts: can look fun, edgy, playful, casual, sporty and chic. Looks great on people of all heights (tall or petite) and also for people who are comfortable and confident in showing off their thighs. Looks awesome with both heels and flats!

Midi skirt: can look dainty, feminine, classy, and stylish. Midi skirts may have the tendency to not accentuate your height so I wouldn’t recommend wearing it if you want to look taller. The other option is to wear heels when rockin’ a midi. It’s also a nice length if you have nice calfs but bigger thighs (like moi!)

Maxi skirt: can be very elegant, flowy, romantic, and very tasteful. Looks great on people of all height (tall or petite) and pretty much any body shape because maxi skirts (the flowy ones) can hide any minor flaws we have. Maxi skirts can really exaggerate your height making you look taller as well.

Where I got stuff: 

Top: The Bay

Midi skirt: Aritzia

Gold Sandal: ZARA

Bag: Michael Kors

Choker: Nine West

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