A somewhat neutral look with an awesome geometric skort.





I personally love skorts. They give you the femininity of a skirt and also the freedom of movement so you are not constantly worried about flashing others with your undies (you know…wind or when you are sitting down and forgot to close your legs *Yikes*).

I was bit of a tomboy in high school and university. As far as style, I wasn’t into dresses, skirts or heels at all. I was more of a baseball cap, distressed denim, crop top, leather jacket and booties kinda gal (still am sometimes). But as I grew older, I’m slowly transitioning into a more feminine and girly look. I have been buying more and more chiffon tops, floral stuff, skirts and heels.

I think it’s VERY important to shop smart. Our style and taste will change over time as we get older and gain different life experiences (for instance, from being a school girl to a professional, then to a working mom). In the past I would sometimes get the exact same style of different color only to realize later that I actually didn’t like it as much and ended up donating all of it. So I learned that it doesn’t matter how ‘in style’ and trendy a piece of clothing can be at a particular time, DO shop prudently and save your money because I guarantee new styles will make the old ones obsolete and your personal preference will also change as you enter different stages of life. I guess this is my shopping tip of the day…

Where I got stuff: 

Top: Aritzia


Heels: Michael Kors

Bag: Coach

Choker: ALDO Accessories

Necklace: Fossil

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Viv ❤ 

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