Tulip Festival


Hope these photos can brighten up your day!








It’s Friday again and this week is the last week of the Tulip Festival here in Greater Vancouver. Yes I do fashion posts, but once awhile I do like to share some beautiful nature photos. I don’t know about you but I feel very happy and uplifted when I see a gorgeous view like this. To think about the world that ‘HE’ created for us and to be grateful that I have the privilege to live in this beautiful city I call home. I don’t usually talk about the negative aspects to life, I try to be the typical blogger that’s all about sugar and spice and everything nice…But trust me, everyone has depressing things going on in their life: things that’ll make you cry at night, things that’ll make you lose hope and joy! But whatever struggle and challenges you are facing, remember to always look around you at the beautiful things, and appreciate them <3. For me, I like to look at natural scenery, because it reminds me of HIM, so this gives me faith and hope to face and overcome whatever challenge that comes my way.

Whatever struggle you may be going through this week, I hope these photos can brighten your day! And remember to always be patient and have hope ❤

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Happy Friday! Have an awesome weekend! 

Lots of love, 

Viv ❤

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