Colors to try: Cobalt vs. Mint



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Spring and Summer is the season for light-colored clothing, pastels, and florals. Although every gal should have as much white tops as they can get their hands on (just kidding), the color can get boring and predictable. So why not try other color combinations? There are tons of colors that click together in your wardrobe. Scratch the whole complementary color wheel theory-do that when you are really stuck and don’t know how to pair two pieces together-and be more creative with your wardrobe.  Neutral colors don’t necessarily always have to be white. Take mint for example, it’s light, calming and totally refreshing. Cobalt on the other hand is rich, heavy and royal. The two creates a perfect balance of a cool-toned outfit that’s still Spring/Summer friendly! So be bold, be creative and try it out!

Where I got stuff:

Top: Marshall’s

Mint Shorts: Hollister

Sandals: Little Burgundy

Bag: Coach

Nail polish: ESSIE

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