Tips on Wearing BRIGHT Colors







First of all, excuse the bright images. The sun was pretty relentless! However, these images inspired me to do a post on how to wear bright coloured clothing. Today I’m sharing 5 tips when it comes to styling for outfits with very catchy colours, like my yellow blazer here.

 1. Tone it down with neutrals!

The neutrals doesn’t have to be black and white, although black and white is probably the safest to go to. But if you want some change then some good options would be grey, tan, nude, navy, aubergine (dark purple) etc depending on what the bright colour is.

2. Select complementary colours to pair!

Complementary colours are the two colours opposite of each other on the colour wheel. The reason why they are complementary is because they off set each other creating balance, therefore making an outfit more pleasing to look at. This rule is not overly stringent, but it is a good place to start if you ever wonder about which two colours look good together.

3. Minimum accessories!

Since the outfit already attracts a lot of attention with all the bright colours, you don’t want to over do things with a lot of accessories. This is  analogous to not having too much icing on a cake. It’s best to keep it just right. Keep the accessories simple, sharp and minimal.

4. Be bold!

Don’t be afraid to pair bright colours with another bright colour in one outfit, as long as those two colours go together.

5. Space out the bright colours!

If you are going to pair with another bright colour, space them apart. For example, a bright top with a pair of bright coloured shoes (like in my case).

Where I got stuff:

Blazer: ZARA

Top: Dailylook

Shorts: Forever 21

Shoes: Expression

Necklace: ALDO

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Viv ❤


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