Skin Care Haul/Review




1. Chia seed makeup remover from The Face Shop: Suitable for dry or sensitive skin. My skin is combination but could get dry in certain areas. It’s super important to find a makeup remover that effectively removes dirt and makeup, but also doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oil. The packaging is also a bonus because some brands make sheets without a seal so once it’s opened, the entire package would dry up before you finish using it.

2. Avocado Mask from The Face Shop: Avocado oil is naturally hydrating. Sometimes I just use avocado oil and apply it on my face and hands as a mask. I’m glad The Face Shop has an avocado extract mask. It offers perfect hydration for someone like me who has dry skin. However, it is slightly creamy so some people may find it too rich. If you have oily skin then I would recommend using aloe or cucumber-based masks.


3. Velvet MATTE skin tint from NARS: Absolutely love this one because it’s matte and light. I noticed that even though I have dry skin, my skin would compensate for this by producing a lot of oil. So after a full day of wearing foundation, I would get really oily. With NARS’ skin tint, it gives you good coverage and it’s not overly rich, at the same time, my skin no longer gets shiny after a long day. I use this on a daily basis.

4. BB Cushion from LANEIGE: I don’t use this one on a regular basis because it’s rich, and gives you more coverage than the skin tint from NARS. So I usually use it on special occasions. But this is also a great BB cream because it contains SPF, which will save you one layer of sun screen. It also comes with a spongy pad for easy and thorough application.


5. HYDRA ZEN Neocalm Toner from LANCOME: No alcohol, gel like, very calming and hydrating for both day and night use. It comes in a large bottle which will last longer because I like to apply my toners multiple times before applying moisturizer.

6. Mango Seed cleansing Foam from The Face Shop: A super gentle cleanser I use in the morning. I use a gentler cleanser in the morning and a stronger cleanser at night. The reason is I don’t want to strip my skin of its natural oil because my skin will produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. This cleanser is very calming and works up a lather that will clean, but not dehydrate the skin.


7. Water Bank Gel Cream from LANEIGE: My day time cream! Hydrating and scentless, also at a decent price too. I reason I bought this is because I really like their water sleeping mask. And LANEIGE is known for making super hydrating products.

8. LOTUS eye Gel from Fresh: I have a major issue with dark circles so I’ve been trying out this product. I have never used this brand in the past. But I gotta say I’m liking it so far because I do think it highlights the area under my eyes and at the same time provides hydration.

9. Moisture Bound sleeping recovery Masque from AMORE PACIFIC: This is my FAVOURITE product out of this haul. I’ve always heard good things about AMORE PACIFIC but was hesitant to get any of their product because it’s slightly pricer than the other brands I’ve used. I ran out of night cream one day and decided to try their night gel/mask. I gotta say, I absolutely love this! I will probably continue on using their product in the future. I love the fast absorption, smoothness, sticky-less, smell and the hydration it gives. My skin feels super soft, moisturized and natural, as if I didn’t apply anything.

10. Lavender Hand Cream from La Chatelaine: Got this as a gift. I’m not super obsessive over hand care, but do appreciate a good hand cream. This one is rich and creamy so it’s my hand saviour because I’m required to wash my hands a lot at work. Another reason I love this one is because it’s pocket sized, so it adds minimal weight to my bag and hardly takes up any space.

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