Coral Denim








I go to off-price retail stores from time to time and rummage through their clothing racks to find unique pieces that no one else owns. Actually, I was influenced by my mom because she is a HUGE fan of off-price department stores. She could go in to one and camp there if they let her. For me, I do like what I could find but I don’t particularly enjoy the time-consuming process of searching through all those disorganized aisles. I’m more of a grab and go kinda person so I like to walk into a store where I could see the items all laid out neatly in front of me. But the upside to these off-price retail stores is it’s cheaper and also, as I mentioned, they often times have clothing that you probably won’t find anywhere else. Those designer-brands are great but everyone owns them and styling them wouldn’t be as fun. This coral denim was purchased from Winners awhile back. It’s so unique (at least I haven’t seen it anywhere else) and such a fun piece to create multiple outfits for the Spring and Summer. I decided to wear it as a cardigan today and play with some color coordination by styling it with my newly-purchased green stripe dress. Thoughts?


Denim Cardigan: Winners

Dress: 8th + Main

Bag: Danier

Sandals: Nine West

Shades: 8th + Main

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