Chilly Days








Even though the weather is getting sunny, the temperature still hovers at around 10 degrees (celcius). Spring is Vancouver is still chilly and windy, so the sun is actually deceptive (definitely no shorts and skirts yet). But in a weather like this, wearing a jacket may be appropriate outside but once I step indoors, I’d always get super hot! I find it challenging to dress ‘correctly’ where the temperature fluctuates throughout the day. I want to stay warm against the chills but breezy at the same time so I don’t start getting sweaty armpits when I walk around indoors (ew!). So today I opted for something warm but lightweight, the classy turtle neck and a long wool skirt with a slit down the front to make everything more breathable. To keep my legs warm, I wore knee-high boots underneath without leggings because the wool skirt is already pretty insulating.


Turtle neck: ZARA

Bag: Michael Kors

Skirt: Thrift

Boots: Browns

Hat: TopShop

Choker: Nine West

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Viv ❤

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