Easter FlatLay



Happy Easter Monday! I talked to a random coworker on Thursday and realized that Easter Monday is not a statutory holiday. I never knew that because I always had Monday off (when I was in school). Oh well…

I’ve been on a bag hunt recently and this weekend while I was walking around the mall, I can’t help but to notice a trend in denim bags. I instantly feel in love because of its versatility! It goes with practically any outfit, just like wearing jeans. I bought this one from Michael Kors (Dillon Large Denim Satchel). It’s definitely a big item for me in terms of the cost. But I asked if I see myself still carrying this bag 5 years later. And I thought ‘Yes’, so I went ahead and bought it. I do this to justify my big spendings. It’s definitely quality over quantity for me when it comes to bags because they can pull together and outfit and make it look more polished and refined!

Another Spring/Summer staple for me are midi heels. Let’s admit that massive heels are pretty and chic but they are NOT made for walking. I like wearing midi heels because they achieve the same effect but they are also comfortable to walk in. The one in the photo is an awesome purchase from ZARA 2 years ago. Leopard of course always screams chic and sleek! ❤

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