Spring Wish List 


Top row left to right

1. Coach Saddle Bag 23 – in patchwork leather $550

2. Aritzia Casimir Dress $110

3. ZARA (available in brown) – $49.5

Middle row left to right

4. Banana Republic – $170

5. Coach ACE Satchel – $595

6. Aritzia Arlenis Blouse $70

Bottom row left to right

7. Michael Kors – $380

8. Aritzia Gabrielle Skirt – $98

9. Topshop – 82 Euro

I’ quite frugal when it comes to shopping. I always think twice, triple, quadruple….times when I buy something more on the expensive side. I’m not a lavish spender at all, and if I do decide on purchasing something pricer, I always budget my finances accordingly. My shopping motto right now is: invest in high quality long lasting versatile pieces, and have fun with cheaper colourful trendy styles.

These are the current items on my wish list!! Hope this reveals more about my style. I like the simplistic, classy feminine look with the occasional pop of edginess and “bad A$$” vibe XD What do you guys think??? Would you get anything on this list?

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Thanks for tuning in!


Viv ❤

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