White + Black + Grey


How’s your week been? Mine has been hectic! Work has gotten quite busy and on weekends I got dance rehearsals that I couldn’t opt out of. However, these won’t stop me from looking and being my best ❤ Today’s outfit is all about basic colours and bagginess! The safest and most versatile colours all in one! Never underestimate the power of basic colours. As I grew older I realized how important it is to invest in good quality basics when it comes to shopping, because they are the ones that will last longer and can be paired with anything. Colourful clothing are nice and fun too but they are seasonal and can be limiting when it comes to styling. I’ve been on the look out for more interesting looking basics, like this asymmetric sweater with huge slits down the side paired with a loose black culotte. I have been  very into the loose fitted look where everything looks baggy yet still classy and well put-together so I can stay comfy and chic simultaneously!






Sweater: EXPRESS

Culotte pants: Aritzia (here)

Booties: TopShop

Bag: Coach (here)

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Viv ❤

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