Cruising Life on ‘Pride of America’


Wanted to share some photos we took while we were on the ship. We are definitely cruising fans. What got us addicted was the first cruise trip (Alaska USA see post HERE). We liked how relaxing and non-demanding it was. We also loved the idea of hitting multiple places in one trip yet still getting enough sleep, eating good food and having the freedom to do whatever we pleased.  If you want to know what cruising is like, or perhaps get some ideas when planning your next vacation, then keep on reading this post.


IMG_2169-0A warm welcome with hula dancing





What’s vacation without some SELFIES!!! XD

Food PORN!







So far, we went on 3 cruises: 1) Alaska, 2) The Caribbeans and 3) The Hawaiian Islands. We have already booked the 4th trip to Europe, will definitely keep you guys updated. We’ve only been with 2 cruising companies, ‘Norwegian’ and ‘Princess’. There are many out there. I think in terms of service and structure, they are very similar. They are however, different in the itineraries offered and also facilities that are available on their ships. So choose the one that best suits your liking and travel style. Below I have provided an unbiased view on cruising including the pros and also the cons. Lastly, some tips to help you prepare for your next cruise trip.


  • Relaxing and physically non-demanding. Being able to see many different cities and attractions in a single trip without burning a hole in your wallet.
  • Don’t have to worry about accommodation or food. It’s like a hotel that does the travelling for you.
  • Food and drinks 24/7. There is complimentary buffet and fancy restaurants (meaning it’s already included in your ticket)
  • Most facilities are free: gym, swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, library, ping pong, basketball court etc.
  • There’s entertainment every day and performances every night: magic show, dancing, singing, stand-up comedy etc. (FREE)
  • Movies every night in your staterooms (FREE and actually good movies)
  • Family-friendly, wheelchair-friendly, eco-friendly. Perfect for families with young children and seniors!
  • Great service!!!


  • Some people may get sea sick because you can feel the ship rocking. If you have severe motion sickness, then be aware it could be an issue especially in open sea where the waves are stronger. They do provide medication for nausea.
  • Certain things are not included in the tickets: alcoholic drinks, spas, some restaurants, etc.
  • You do have to follow the ship schedule. Most of the time the ship only stops for a day in a city (arrives in the morning). You have to be back on board around dinner time, which gives you around 8-11 hours. So not good if you really like a city and would like to stay longer
  • WIFI is NOT free *sob*. We did get around this because the cities we stopped at had free WIFI in most of the stores.


  • Do plan early and make your reservation ahead of time because it will be cheaper!
  • When picking out itinerary, it’s best to pick the ones where they make a stop every day. It could get a little boring if you are on the ship for 2-3 consecutive days
  • It’s not necessary to pick the staterooms with windows or balcony, because windowless rooms are significantly cheaper and most of your day will be spent outside anyways.
  • The company will offer guests day tour deals the day before you arrive at the next destination. DO NOT book through them because it can get very (and I mean VERY) expensive. We always made our own plans after we reached each port.
  • Do your homework! As in know what cities you will be arriving at and the potential activities you could do and the sites you would like to see.
  • Travel with family or friends!!! The more the merrier!!!

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