Bird Sanctuary Excursion


Not focusing on my outfit today, this is more of a lifestyle/nature post sharing with you the beauty of Vancouver. Even though it rains incessantly in the Winter time, one days when it doesn’t, there are a lot of places one could spend the day, such as the Migratory Bird Sanctuary in Delta.

It’s actually my first time here and I can not believe I missed out on all of these years while living in this city. Vancouver is known of its natural beauty and this place is an epitome of the types of scenery Vancouver has. There is a huge chunk of land in the rural areas of Delta with ponds, trees, grass and all sorts of undisturbed vegetation that’s perfect for birds to feed and breed. Overtime, the place became an attraction allowing visitors to stop by and witness and be a part of its natural habitat. Many people drive miles with their heavy duty DSLR camera and lenses so long I wonder how they all fit inside their car, in order to capture the scenery/animals in their mostly peaceful state. We of course brought our Canon 70D and followed the hiking trail in the sanctuary trying to capture the beauty of the place…these photos do not do justice but will have to do for now.

Hope y’all like the pictures! ❤





Yes.  Birds will land on your hand voluntarily if you have sunflower seeds which I purchased from the reception before entering.




Hiking trails…


Four of a kind…


Look…I stepped on your poop.


Hey…how u doin’?



The tunnel of trees


Photo credit: David W. & Yuanxi Z. 

Thanks for stopping by! 


Viv ❤

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