Winter Sophistication 


What I wore to a Winter semi-formal party. I didn’t wear a dress because 1) it was cold and I had dance class right before so there was so time to change and 2) I prefer pants over dresses/skirts ANYDAY ANYTIME! I did a post previously on how I’m weaning off jeans and staring to like trousers, well…here you go another trouser post! XD

I dunno…something about trouser just screams out sophistication for me. Usually the office professional ones are made out of polyester. But the one I’m wearing is wool so it’s SUPER soft, comfy and warm AND plaid, which makes it more irresistible. Another awesome part is that you can dress them up or down depending on what you pair it with.






Turtle neck: ZARA basics (old. See collection here)

Bottom: Aritzia (by Wilfred here)

Jacket: GUESS (old. Similar here)

Scarf: Thrift shop (old)

Heels: Nine West (old. Similar here)

Really appreciate it for stopping by!


Viv ❤



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