5 ways to stay motivated to exercise


   Sharing with you 5 ways I stay motivated to physical exercise! Hope these tips can help some of you to stay active and healthy ❤

1. Set realistic goals, don’t put yourself in too much discomfort when you start off 

When you search of the ‘PERFECT’ fitness routine for yourself, take into consideration your abilities, schedule, and interest. There is a million ways to stay fit and active! But DO pick one that suitable for YOU, that is something you can do and keep up with it. Anything too easy or too challenging are both common reasons why people lose motivation. With this, you’ll need to explore a little bit and discover what’s right for you.

2. Exercise with other people by doing teamed sports or hitting the gym with friends 

I have been doing almost 12 years of Chinese dance. One of the main reason I was able to keep it up is because of the friends I made and the social circle I was able to establish. Not only is dancing an intense workout, it’s also a way for me to socialize with friends sharing the same interest.

If you are curious to know what kind of dance I do, visit Cindy Yang Dance Academy

3. Exercise should not be limited to the gym

I walk whenever I can! Walking is, believe it or not, one of the best form of exercise because it’s mild and not hard on your joints. If I need to get somewhere and it’s walking distance, I would choose to walk for 30 minutes instead of taking the bus. Physical exercise could happen anywhere. Don’t limit yourself into thinking that only hitting the gym will get you fit. Staying active by walking, going on hikes with friends, taking a quick stroll during lunch break, walking in the mall when it’s raining etc…

Having some fun hiking at Porteau Cove, Squamish

4. Don’t always focus on results

Whatever your fitness goal is – to tone, to loose weight, to gain muscle, or to alleviate back/shoulder pains – don’t always focus on whether you have achieved it because exercising should be long-term, in fact it should be eternal. It takes weeks, months and years to be able to SEE the result you want. If you are too focused on getting to your goals, you might become disappointed when you don’t see immediate result and lose the motivation to be persistent.

5. Get excited by wearing cute outfit! 

This doesn’t apply to everyone, it’s just my personal way of staying motivated. Of course I like fashion, so if I get to wear cute outfit when I exercise, then it will get my adrenaline up and I will be in the mood to work out. At dance, I wear leotards (bodysuit) and I’m constantly on the look out for new colours and style. I also buy cute cover ups and tops from LULU Lemon or PINK by Victoria Secret.

Thanks for stopping by! 


Viv ❤

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