Trousers in lieu of Jeans


Throughout high school and university, I wore nothing but jeans. I own over 25 jeans/jeggings (eek! was going through a phase) of different colour and design.

Now that I’ve graduated and started working, I gravitate towards more professional looking pieces to wean off my dependence on jeans. Aritiza is one of my favourite clothing store now because of their style and fit. Although I have to admit they are not cheap, but you get good-quality, long-lasting basics that’s worth every penny. That being said, they have an awesome collection of trouser pants that’s comfy, high-quality and stylish, such as the one I’m wearing in this post. I adore the colour Olive as well because it’s classy and neutral and such an underrated colour! ❤






In other News, I got a new camera: Canon 70D. I’m a rookie when it comes to photography so please bear with me XD

White turtle neck: LOFT

Olive Trouser: Aritzia

Sandal: Nine West

Bag: Danier


Thanks for stopping by!


Viv ❤

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  1. Great post. I just recently graduated and I can’t wear jeans to work but I have found that H&M had great quality trousers for a pretty good price if you are looking for pants that a little cheaper.

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