Norwegian Sun to Alaska 


Time for another travel throwback! This was our first family cruise ever and our destination was Alaska. We set sail on the Norwegian Sun cruise line at Canada Place, Vancouver, a popular docking hot spot for cruise ships.

This was also the beginning to our passion for cruising. We love the concept of hitting multiple cities in one trip while not having to worry about transportation and accommodation. We also love buffet 24/7 (maybe not so much after realizing gaining a couple of pounds when our trip ended XD). Nonetheless, we still like to indulge in sun bathing on the decks, movie watching under the starlight, exploring each stop, and sleeping in our cabins after a long eventful day!

P1020594 P1020568 P1020729 P1020596 P1020597 P1020683 P1020676 P1020719 P1030041 P1030036 P1020887 P1020775

Last but not least: Food PORN!!

Thanks for checking out my page!


Viv ❤

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