MANGA Fan Artwork


I wanted to share another passion of mine on this blog because I didn’t want to limit myself into just posting fashion photos. I’m sure there are tons of manga/anime fans out there just like myself. I’ve been drawing for…as long as I can remember. I didn’t take much drawing lessons, I just kinda doodle and watch anime and experiment with drawing on my own time.  What got me addicted to anime was my childhood fav “Sailor Moon”, which is still kinda the most classic  Japanese animation of all times.  Funny thing is I don’t watch or read a ton of manga, but I draw.


Saber & Saber Lily from Fate Stay Night




Yami from Love Ru


Lelouche Vi Britannia from Code Geass


Hatsune Miku


Work in progress…

If you are wondering about tools: I use plain sketch paper, pencil for the initial sketch, fine liner for outlining, prima coloured pencil and copic markers for colouring. Although the characters are from existing manga, the drawings are original (I didn’t copy from an online image), but I did search for the details of their outfit XD.

Any other Manga/Anime fans out there?? If you do similar kind of artwork and would like to chat about the tools and such, feel free to message me!

Thanks for stopping by!


Viv ❤

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