Dress up ’em Joggers 


Grey joggers with some Fall colours!






   Photo credit: David W.

You can say I have a little bit of Jogger OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder! XD) goin’ on right now because that’s seriously what I have been wearing everyday…

Last time I did a post about styling joggers casually. Today I’m posting how I would style my new versatile fashion staple in a professional setting. I actually wore this outfit to a professional networking event last week. It’s so loose, flowy and comfortable! What makes this outfit dressier are my slim & pointy flats. I consider them to be a ‘fab find’ at The Bay, which I usually never walk into unless it’s for cosmetic products. There is something about slim and pointy flats that instantly polish and refine an outfit, giving it a more sophisticated and elegant look. So you could say it’s actually the synergy between my jogger and shoes that made the outfit look well put together 😀

Jogger pants: Oak + Fort

Top: TopShop

Super long Cardigan: ZARA (old)

Pointy flats: Expression at The Bay (They have very stylish collection that’s decently priced)

Thanks for checking out my page!


Viv ❤

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