My New Fall Combo 


Jogger pants VS LONG cardigan




Photo credit: David W.

When is comes to Fall pairing, I’m all about comfort and warmth. Although Vancouver doesn’t get super chilly, it could still get windy and rainy at times. As far as styling goes, I use to just wear jeggings or leggings in colder weather because they pretty much go with everything. But recently, I have discovered ‘jogger pants’ which opened up a new set of style I wish I had embraced sooner.

The upside about these joggers is that not only do they give you the comfort of sweatpants but they are made with polyester, which means they can also be dressed up in formal settings (I will do a post on later). This outfit is more casual because it’s paired with a slip-on sneaker . Oh! and did I mention my new obsession with long cardigans (like below the knees long)? I love this one especially because it’s light and flowy. So there you have it, my new Fall style combination! Very relaxed and stylish, no comfort sacrificed! I dare you to try it! 🙂

Cardigan: Topshop

Jogger pants: Aritzia (Buffon Pant by Wilfred)

Top: Garage (Ballerina top collection)

Leopard sneaker: Steve Madden

Bag: Fossil

Necklace: Fossil

Ring: Forever21

Thanks for checking out my page!


Viv ❤

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