Dedicated to the unpredictable Vancouver weather

IMG_0933 IMG_0936


IMG_0935 IMG_0938

IMG_0878 IMG_0934


Photo credit: David W.

Today’s outfit is highly functional and practical, perfect for Vancouver’s temperamental weather condition (as in, in the morning I could be freezing, but by afternoon I could be cooking). This is why cardigans are a must for Vancouverites, because they can keep you warm but at the same time you can take them off when it gets hot. I usually like pair long and loose-fitted cardigans with leggings or jeggings and booties to streamline the baggy-ness on top. I love these new jeggings (I can see myself wearing them everyday in the fall now XD) because they bring a unique pop of style with faux leather running down the side.

Camo cardigan: Aeropostale


Jeggings: RW & Co

Boots: Ronsons

Bag: Coach

Necklace: ALDO

Thanks for checking out my page!


Viv ❤

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