Viva Las Vegas


A bit late for #ThrowBackThursdays but I’m still throwing back travel photos we took while night-strolling on the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada.








Sharing with you today a special travel post from our family trip to Las Vegas last Christmas! As you can tell all the photos were taken at night because that’s when ‘day’ starts for Vegas. Plus the streets look WAY better under the night light. The view is very different from my Nature scenery posts. But I gotta say, Vegas has its charms – it has the glamorous type of enchantment. I loved how walking into each hotel on the Strip is like walking into a different world, because all of them have a unique theme. For example, walking into ‘Paris’ is literally like walking down the streets of Paris (ie: the entire lobby is like a replica of a street in Paris).

We couldn’t hit all of the hotels-even though we very much liked to- because there was just so much to see in so little time. But we did end up show-watching which is a must if you ever visit Vegas. We watched ‘Jubilee’ and Chris Angel’s Magic Show. I loved both, especially ‘Jubilee’ because it was sooooo… ‘LAS VEGAS’ (just very representative of what Vegas is about). I have to tell you that the show is 19+, but it’s the definitely the classy and dignified kind!

I could write an essay about the details of my trip but I should stop before this actually becomes one. Hope y’all like the photos. BTW, If you haven’t been to Vegas and would like some travel tips, feel free to holla at me!

Thanks for checking out my page! Have an AWESOME weekend.


Viv ❤

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