Wedding at Stanley


A beautiful garden wedding I attended in the summer!

My outfit at the wedding


The venue at Stanley Park

Garden weddings are so beautiful!!

Down the aisle!


Some fine delicacies! I was getting super hungry

Love the color scheme!

Top: Marshalls

Maxi skirt: Zara

Bag: coach

Sorry I haven’t been posting. I was super busy in the past few months and just wasn’t able to find a time to update my blog. But I’m back and super excited to share more outfit ideas and colorful photos with you all. I have been doing quite a bit of fall shopping lately so I will try my best to post regular outfit photos! I also went through a bit of a style change as well. You’ll see later…

Today I’m sharing photos of a family friends’ wedding I attended in the summer. I couldn’t resist because everything was so pretty and exquisite! The venue was at one of the most beautiful park in Vancouver – Stanley Park. I love how pretty and delicate everything is. I don’t have a ton of outfit photos because I was busy snapping shots of food and decors, HAHA! Next time I’ll be sure to take some detailed shots.

FYI: my Chinese name is Miao Miao (pronounced: meow like a cat)

Thanks for checking out my page!

Viv ❤️

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