The Transformation


Transforming a formal shirt into edgy street chic ❤ ❤ ❤


 I kinda look like an equestrian (horseback rider) with this cap on! HAHA!


20150405_132610    20150405_132914

 The sun is deceptive…even though it’s sunny, Vancouver weather is still kinda chilly


And then we head to Stanley Park…


 Tied my jacket around my waist for a casual chic look for a stroll at the park

 1 3


Close-up shot of the shirt and silver horn-shaped necklace


 Just finished my Magnum ice cream bar…:)

Photographed by: David W. & Meng Z.

This post is called ‘Transformation’ because I want to focus on how to ‘transform’ one piece of clothing from one setting to another. The blue-colored cotton shirt I’m wearing underneath my black crochet sweater was actually purchased for a professional interview. With pieces like this, I wouldn’t get much wear out of it because it’s a too formal by itself. That’s why I always look for ways to work with these clothing and style it so that it’s still wearable in a casual setting.

One of the ways is of course to wear a crochet top or a sweater top so you just have the collar peeking out. I like crochet because you can still see the color of the shirt underneath giving it a sense of contrasting layers. I further erased the sophistication by wearing a black pleather (synthetic leather) jegging and a black cap. Because my outfit is quite monochromatic, I like to pop in some color with my red leather bag.

Blue shirt: Tommy Hilfiger

Crochet Sweater and Jacket: old

Pleather Jeans: American Eagle

Black Booties: Steve Madden



Necklace: ALDO

Thanks for stopping by! 


Viv ❤

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