The Casual Slip-on


 Working around a pair of snake-skin slip-on sneaker on this gorgeous day!



20150405_121610     20150405_121540


20150405_122300   20150405_122245

Detailed shot…the sun is so bright!!


Wearing my hand-shaped necklace




Caught in the middle of green and blue!!!

Photographed by: David W.

I’ve seen these slip-on sneakers everywhere in the store this Spring (also seen a lot of fashion bloggers wearing them as well). I didn’t have the hots for them initially because I thought they just evolved from runner shoes. But I purchased my first pair (leopard print) solely for travelling purposes a couple of months ago and ended up loving them so much that I went out to purchase this snake-skinned one (I’m probably going to get more of different colors).

Reasons why I love them: they are fashionable without sacrificing comfort! One of my biggest requirement for shoes is that they have to be made for walking! The second reason is that they could dress down any outfit making it more casual and relaxed…That means they could go with skirt, dress, and pants. But I think nothing beat the classic blue ripped denim!!

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Cardigan: Blue Notes

Top: American Eagle

Jeans: American Eagle

Necklace: ALDO Accessories

Slip-on sneaker: Nine West (similar HERE they actually have a whole collection)

 Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


Viv ❤

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