Green Against Brown


❤ the BROWN against the GREEN





20150328_105926   20150328_105913


Photographed by: David W.


Whenever I get asked how I pick my outfit for the day I tell them I first pick a statement piece and then work around that based on the weather, my body shape, my archetype, mood etc…That being said, it doesn’t mean I don’t stare at my closet sometimes for a couple of minutes before I go out, not knowing what to wear (or lamenting I have nothing to wear just like every other women I know. Haha!).

I am a HUGE fan when it comes to statement pieces, so more often than not I start off my outfit with a statement necklace such as the one in this post. I purchased this boho-styled necklace from Forever21 awhile ago and have gotten so many compliments. I LOVE how as simple as putting on the necklace is able to give my entire outfit an edge and a boho vibe XD

And let’s talk about how awesome the leafy green background is against my brown leather jacket!!! Green and yellow are complementary colors, and by that they are naturally aesthetically pleasing when put together. I ALWAYS place a great emphasis when it comes to COLOR combos (no surprise there if you look at all the photos on my blog)!


Leather Jacket: ZARA

Top: Aritzia

Legging: Aritzia

Grey Booties: American Eagle

 Statement Necklace: Forever21

Thanks for stopping by,


Viv ❤

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