Caribbean Princess Cruise: St. Maarten


Sun Jian

Our second stop St. Maartens. An island with two identities: One side is French and the other Dutch.



Sun Jian

Sun Jian

Sun Jian

Sun Jian

Sun Jian

Sun Jian

Sun Jian

Sun Jian




 Sun Jian

 Some of the pictures don’t belong to me. I travelled with family friends so I give them credit for the photos they took!

Like I said, this island is interesting culturally because one side is French and the other is Dutch. Although there is no conspicuous sign that separates the two areas, but there is an obvious difference in the infrastructures. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures to show that because I was focusing on the scenery/nature.

St. Maarten is different from our last stop Princess Cays, Bahamas because it’s not just a travel hot spot/resort,  it’s also home to thousands of locals that immigrated there a long time ago. There’s distinct culture that resides within the streets and buildings which is one aspect of travelling I absolutely LOVE, that is, to find out and learn about other cultures and lifestyle! Kinda reminds me of the lyric to the song ‘the colors of the wind’ in Disney’s Pocahontas (which I think is one of the most meaningful Disney movie ever) : ‘And if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew!’ (Think is is the reason why I’m so consumed by wanderlust! haha)


Velvet Burgundy crop top: Garage

Denim vest: Garage

Black Short: Forever21

Patterned Short: Swimco

Bikini: Mix & Match from Swimco


Thanks for stopping by!


Viv ❤


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