Caribbean Princess Cruise: Princess Cays, Bahamas


First stop after we set sail is Princess Cays, Bahamas!

IMG_1710  IMG_1713 IMG_1755 DSCN0299  IMG_1766DSCN0357DSCN0348IMG_1723.JPGIMG_1717

The view is just so surreal, as if I cropped myself onto a background at a photo studio.

We got to our first stop and the cruise ship set anchor in the middle of the ocean. Apparently we needed to take a ‘tender’ (just a smaller boat) to get to land because the water is too shallow for a larger cruise ship. That’s why when we got there, we get this awesome view of a lone cruise ship on the horizon!

I love the vibrant colors of these pictures. They have the best colors of nature: green and blue (also 2 of my favourite colors to look at). I initially thought my outfit was too bright but I think the color combination with the scenery turned out really well! The pop of leopard and neon red is very eye-catching.


Leopard Crop Top: Forever 21

Neon Red Skirt: H&M


Boho-Styled Bag: ZARA

Bikini: Mix & Match from Swim Co.

Thanks for stopping by!


Viv ❤

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