Caribbean Princess Cruise: Miami, Florida


First stop: Miami, Florida. Prior to boarding the cruise, we spent 2 days just chilling in the sun, strolling along the South Beach…






This was our first time in Miami. I gotta say now I know why people with money like to buy villas there. It’s absolutely the perfect place for a do-nothing-just-lie-in-the-sun getaway. And it’s summer all year long so we escaped the winter season at Vancouver (which by the way was snowing) and brought out our sunscreen and bikinis.

Funny story:  When we JUST arrived in Miami’s International Airport with the local temperature probably close to  30 degrees Celcius (86 degrees farenheit), I was sure we stood out in our winter parkas and cashmere scarf amongst the locals wearing shear tops and short shorts. They probably thought we came from the North Pole…which is relatively true if you compare Vancouver to Miami.

Oh yea…I couldn’t resist taking mirror selfies because I really like this top I got from DailyLook. I was really into tops with an interesting backside. Here are the outfit deets:

Top: Dailylook

Shorts: Forever21

Bikini: Victoria Secret (Mix and Matched)



Thanks for stopping by!


Viv ❤

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